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Aquarimax 331

Join us for a livestream hybrid podcast thing.


Aquarimax 330–We’re back!

Join Aquarimax host Rus as he discusses some of his own aquarium projects, as well as some comments and questions from Matt in Perth, Western Australia.



Aquarimax 329

Join hosts Rus and Kelly as they try a livestream on Youtube that is also a podcast!

They discuss comments and questions from Tom in Provo,UT;  Jeremy in Redbud, Illinois; and lots of others!


Aquarimax 328

Join Rus and Kelly as they discuss aquarium topics with Serge in Spokane, WA and Bob on the South Shore of Boston.


Aquarimax 327

Join hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss Osgar in southern Sweden’s aquarium questions and comments, and as Rus and Kelly recount their amazing up-close encounters with rays and other interesting creatures at the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium!