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Aquarimax 322: Aquarium Podcast

Join hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss aquarium questions and comments from Mick in Carnforth, UK and Jeremiah in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Check out Mick’s lovely new setup, as yet to be populated with fish:

and his equally lovely black bar Endler’s setup:



Aquarimax Episode 160: Kelly’s Tank, Gabriel’s Tanks and Water Purification Method, Tom’s Fish Picks

Check out a pic and a video of Kelly in Shrewsbury’s tank: (click on the photo to enlarge) I love the driftwood!


Click here to see the video:


Here is Gabriel’s innovative method for conditioning water for his planted tanks, as well as a shot of his lovely 55 and nano tanks! (Click to enlarge)


Click here to see Gabriel’s video

Aquarimax Episode 107: Adventure Aquarium, Frisky Frogs, and Mysterious Color Changes

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss questions and comments from Tony in New York, Juliette in Paris, France, Charlie in North Carolina, Jonas in Sweden, and Mick in Carnforth, UK.

Here’s a short video of the highlights of Rus’ visit to Adventure Aquarium:



Here’s an article that provides a nice intro to Apistogramma cacatuoides, the cockatoo cichlid:



Check out Micks’ video of an orange cherry shrimp that faded a bit at berrying time:

See how the frogs in Mick’s pond are feeling the spring (the serenade gets his fire-belly toads singing too!)



Aquarimax Episode 75: Mystery Algae, Red Cherry Shrimp, a Success Story, and More

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss questions and comments from Connie, Jason, Dave, Brady, Juliette, Stuart, Andrejka, and Mick.

Click here to see the podcast resources page:



Aquarimax Episode 74: Endler’s, Newts, and Lazy Tanks

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss comments and questions from Juliette in France, Mick in Carnforth, UK, Paul in Durham, UK,   Stuart in the UK, Brian in Idaho,  Andrejka in Oregon, and Kevin in Connecticut.


Click here to visit the podcast resources page: