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Aquarimax Episode 75: Mystery Algae, Red Cherry Shrimp, a Success Story, and More

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss questions and comments from Connie, Jason, Dave, Brady, Juliette, Stuart, Andrejka, and Mick.

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Aquarimax Episode 74: Endler’s, Newts, and Lazy Tanks

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss comments and questions from Juliette in France, Mick in Carnforth, UK, Paul in Durham, UK,   Stuart in the UK, Brian in Idaho,  Andrejka in Oregon, and Kevin in Connecticut.


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Aquarimax Episode 68: Newt Update, Snail Control, and More

Join hosts Rus and Kelly as they talk about UV sterilization ,Chlorine and Chloramine, Rainbowfish, Amano Shrimp, Snail Control, and a special spotlight on newts. Thanks to Stuart, Andrejka, Robert, Anne, and David N., and Mick!

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Aquarimax Episode 67: Most Pressing Maintenance and an Amphibious Preview

Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly discuss Andrejka’s question about  the most pressing maintenance issues in the case of an extra-aquaristic crisis, Carlos’ celestial pearl danio questions, and Micks email, including a preview of a spotlight on Chinese fire-bellied newts.

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