Aquarimax Episode 99: Mycobacterium, Fish Room Shelves, And DIY Acrylic Backgrounds

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss comments and questions from Brian in Idaho, Ken Jones, Prince of Ponds, and Charlie and Candice in North Carolina.

Here’s a pic of the Acrylic background Charlie just painted:

This is what he said about it:

So I wanted to share a new idea with y’all.  My girlfriend and I sort of stumbled upon this when I couldn’t find spray paint.  I’m sure this has been done before, but it’s not mentioned very often, if at all.

“Painting your own background with acrylics.  IT’S FUN.  You can paint with acrylics in your living room watching TV.  If your not the artsy type you can go with a solid color or try mixing up a color of your choosing.  The paint is easily scraped off with a credit card when semi-wet (if you mess up like I did).  If you don’t like it after it’s totally dry you could use some vinegar and a bit of scraping to get it off (haven’t experimented with this so I can’t say for sure how easy it is).  Acetone will take it off too but would be risky near the water column, heh.

Couple tips:

1.  If you have a large portable mirror this will help see through the front of the tank while painting.

2.  If you choose to mix colors use A LOT of paint so you won’t run out before you’re finished.  Save the extra paint in an airless container or ziplock for touch-ups and avoid wasting paint.

3.  You don’t have to lay the paint on thick.

4.  Remember that only the first coat of paint will show through.  I know this is obvious just something to keep in mind, it’s easy to forget while painting.

I attached a picture of the BG on the 25 gallon we painted, the tank is very new and the water is still cloudy from the sand, sorry about that.”

Thanks for sharing Charlie, we’re going to have to try this…!