Aquarimax Episode 125: From Axolotls to Zapped Air Pumps

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss some of Mick’s critters, as well as their betta spawn, Rus’ new fishy gadget, and more.

Here’s a pic of one of our baby bettas at 1.5 weeks old, with a bellyful of brine shrimp and a yawn (or a burp?)

Photo: This 1.5 week-old betta has a bellyful of brine shrimp nauplii. In the second panel, he's "yawning."

Mick found a photo of a hermit crab in a glass shell. We couldn’t get the link to work on facebook properly, but here’s a link on the web to the same photo:

Here’s a link to Mick’s miniscule marine hermit crab succeeding at a seemingly Herculean task:

Here are Mick’s juvenile axolotls enjoying a whiteworm breakfast:

Here’s a link to Rus’ new R2 target feeder (he’s not getting paid to talk about it or link to it or anything.)