Aquarimax 267: Aquarium podcast

Here is our axolotl catching a worm:


Here’s Juliette’s tank after a month without trimming. The plants are obviously happy! Following is a closeup of her lovely moss (1)photo
tank after a month without trimming…the plants are very happy!

Check out Joe in Hudsonville’s “More planted” Aquarium! Looking good!


Here is some Texas Holey Rock that Tres in Austin can collect locally (lucky!)

holey rock

He employs it to good advantage in his African Cichlid tank:

african cichlid tank

Here are some of his other tanks we discussed on the show…nice ‘scapes!

20 long

amazon tank

Here is one of his new, rather emaciated-looking puffers, despite his best efforts to fatten them up. They’re eating well, too. Parasite load?puffer frontpuffer top