Aquarimax 276: Aquarium Podcast

Tom in Provo, UT; Chris in Tomball, TX; Josh in South Central Kentucky; Jeremiah in Grand Rapids, MI: Matt in Perth, W. Australia; Mick, stranded in Kendal, UK

Check out Tom’s lovely tank, featuring his thriving Bolbitis fern on the left:


Tom's Tank November 2015

Chris has got a a great setup for his betta…he’s just wondering why it seems lethargic, and why its fins aren’t looking as fine as they should…

20Ltank Split20L

Josh has had success treating his shrimp with Paraguard, and they are all in fine fettle:

shrimp12 shrimp13 shrimp14 shrimp15

Mick and company became stranded in Kendal due to a crazy flood! Check it out! (Luckily all is well now)

kendal 2 kendal 3 kendal 4 kendal1