How to Hatch Brine Shrimp (Artemia) the Easy Way

Newly hatched brine shrimp are one of the absolute best live fish foods for raising fry of appropriate size, or for adult fish that are small enough to be interested in them. Learn how to use the easiest brine shrimp hatchery I have ever used! No air pump is required, and the newly hatched separate themselves from the shells, meaning much less effort for you.

This is the brine shrimp hatchery I am talking about:

Let’s take a look at how this brine shrimp hatchery works. First, you add 3 teaspoons of salt (sea salt, aquarium salt, or rock salt are fine. Avoid iodized table salt.)

add 3 tsps of sea salt or rock salt.

Next, add a pinch or two of baking soda. This helps ensure a fairly high pH, which aids in hatching.

Now add water to the fill line marked on the inside of the hatchery. Be careful not to overfill, or the eggs could overflow past the baffle system.

fill carefully and slowly for best results.

Now it is time to add the eggs. Pour them into the outermost ring of the hatchery only.

Placing the eggs in the outermost rings prevents them from mixing with the newly hatched shrimp.

Now put the lid on. No aeration needed.Put the culture in a warm place, then wait about 20-24 hours.

Now it is time to collect the newly hatched brine shrimp, which is extremely easy! Just life the collect cup, and let the salt water drain back into the hatchery. If you wish, you can rinse them, and then feed them to your fish. It’s that simple. Really!

Lift the collection cup to strain the salt water out. Nothing but newly hatched brine shrimp, ready to feed to your fry!

Again, here is the link to order one:

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