African CLawed and African Dwarf Frog Resources Page


Hirocropped small

Watch  a video clip documenting the development of our Male ACF, Hiro:

Click here or on the link below to listen to Rus being interviewed about Hiro by author Bob Tarte on PetLifeRadio!

Below is a short audio clip of Hiro singing about 5 months after metamophosis:


Click here to hear clip in a new window

Here are some links to more information about African Clawed Frogs and African Dwarf Frogs:

This site has all sorts of information, including how to distinguish Dwarf Frogs from Clawed Frogs, and how to distinguish gender in both species:

Some good basic information:

This site is mostly scientific in nature, but contains good information:

This site sells African Clawed Frogs and supplies:

Information on Breeding African Dwarf Frogs: