Aquarimax Episode 74 Podcast Resources Page

Here is the link to a Practical Fishleeping article on the guppy disease Tetrahymena:

Here are some pictures of Mick’s Betta simplex spawning, flaring, and a pic of one of the fry (As discussed in the podcast, B. simplex are mouthbrooders,  so unlike B. splendens, they protect the eggs in their mouths until they are old enough to fend for themselves rather than in a bubblenest. Thanks, Mick,  for the fascinating photo documentation of this spawning process!


Here is the spawning embrace:

Here is the tank setup:

Here is the male with a mouthful (of his offspring):

Here is one of the newly-released fry:

Here is the male, flaring for the nearby female:

Here is a picture of one of Mick’s larval newts on his little finger:


Thanks to Brian for this interesting post on innovative ways to use LEDS to light a reef aquarium:

Here is the fixture Brian is going to install for his reef:


Here is a Paul’s video of his glowlight danios as the follow each other around the tank:


Here is Mick’s pictorial explanation of how to make a land area in a paludarium using plant trays: