Episode 39 Resources page

Robert from Michigan emailed me to let me know that I had his permission to put up his great pictures of his setups, so here they are! He also sent some links for those who would like some information on how to set up a paludarium like his. (I must admit I’m tempted…)

I really like the way he’s set up his turtle tank. Among other things, I was intrigued by the cover, and Robert explained that not only was it for aethetics, but it also reduced glare from the lighting, and helped the turtles to feel more secure when the tank was approached. He said that he used a C- clamp to secure the egg-crate “island” to the tank.

He based his beautiful paludarium on the instructions at this link: http://www.victri.net/tanks/vivarium_2005-06-20.html

He’s got a “bonsaied” Ficus tree and maidenhair fern in there, along with java moss, java fern, Anubias, and a rabbit’s foot fern. Red Cherry shrimp, some pill bugs or “roley-poleys,” (not just a Michiganism, Kelly’s from California and that’s what she calls them) and a breeding population of small terrestrial snails. He also mentioned that an occasional mayfly seems to pop up out of nowhere.

Here’s Roberts 55 gallon tank. He’s got Clown loaches, a Blue Gourami, and some goldfish. (That’s some gorgeous coloring on that calico fantail…who’s apparently making broccoli florets look good!)

Last but not least, here’s a link to Rob’s Star Trek podcast:







Celestial Pearl Danios are difficult to catch on film! Not only are they small, they’re shy and quick. Here’s the best I’ve been able to manage so far:


A few of my Cpds in a 10 gallon tank with red cherry shrimp and pygmy corydoras.