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Here’s Cassius, Andrejka’s betta whose fins are regrowing. Click to enlarge:

Here are Stuart’s tips for fishy photography and a link to some of his pics:

Fish Photography Tips!

Camera type will help, for instance my DSLR will take a better photo than my compact, and you will be mistaken to think that’s because of the megapixels, when infact its due to the lens size. The more light that goes into the lens, the better quality of the photograph! Natural light is better than incandescent light, or the flash. I try to never use flash, and if I have to then I’ll set a flash gun or two up remotely above the tank so they fire into the water and illuminate the entire tank in one hit, with no reflections.

Use optical zoom, not digital zoom. Digital zoom distorts the image, optical zoom uses the lenses.

Use a tripod!! Can’t stress this enough. Set it up about 1.5m or so from the tank, this way the fish aren’t interested in what you’re doing and will behave naturally. Use the full optical zoom your camera has available instead of the macro setting, you’ll see some nice results from this. Persevere! Focus your camera on a point and take shots whenever fish come into the frame. Like Rus said, take LOADS of photos and then sift through them on your computer.

Experiment with aperture and shutter speed. Get a basic undertsanding of ISO too – the lower the ISO number the darker the image, but the higher the ISO number the grainier the image will be. Find the optimum for the light conditions you have!

As with photographing any animals you need patience! But it can be done!!