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Aquarimax Episode 184

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss comments nd questions from David in Colorado, “Cyber” David K., Dr. Bob on the North Shoe of Boston, Anthony in Oregon, and Tony in New York.

Here’s the link from David K. about veterinarian’s gloves that can work well as aquarium gloves:

Message: I just found out about your podcast and I am starting to catch up on old episodes.  I recently listened to your interview with Diana Walstad and when you guys were talking about aquarium gloves I thought about these.


These are used by large animal vets when checking cows for pregnancy.  They are thin, disposable, cheap and they go all the way up to your shoulder.


Here are some links on sexing Jewel cichlids. Use at your own risk, of course.





Aquarimax Episode 128: Betta and Betta, Black Sand, Corydoras Creepies, and Cycling Success

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss their 5-week old betta spawn, as well as questions and comments from Juliette in Paris, France, Mick in Carnforth, UK, and Tony in NY (whose tanks, incidentally, have just cycled! Congrats Tony!)


Here are some pics of our bettas at 4 weeks, 6 days old. Click on the images to enlarge them:


Here’s a short video clip of our fry feeding on newly hatched brine shrimp and on walterworms, at 4 weeks, 3 days old, and 4 weeks, 6 days old, respectively:



Aquarimax Episode 117: Shipping Shrimp, Cichlid Situations, Local Laws, and More

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss questions and comments from:

Charlie in North Carolina, Tony in NY, Maarten in Belgium, Mick in Carnforth, UK, and Eric in Daytona Beach, FL

Here’s a link to Kordon breather bags:


Here’s a link to a podcast Tony sent us on how to ensure Aquarium species remain where they belong :


Mick put a link to our interview on mouthbrooding bettas on his site,  www.ugly-bugs.com . If you like terrestrial critters as well as fish, check it out! (I do, and I did!)

Here’s a link to Mick’s Ugly Bugs Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/UglyBugs?sk=wall


Here’s a really fun video of Mick’s albino Krib doing her best to be a good parent, despite the fact that she’s still a juvenile fish herself:


Here’s a video of Mick’s diminutive, though charming, Merry Widows (a type of livebearer.)