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Aquarimax Episode 239: Aquarium Podcast

Aquarimax on Aquariums! Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss comments and questions from Matt in Perth, Western Australia; Tony in New York; and JR in eastern Kentucky.

Check out our video of one of our geckos hatching:


Aquarimmax Episode 194

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss comments and questions from:

Matt in Perth, Western Australia; Bob on the South Shore  of Boston, MA; Mick in Carnforth, UK; Mike In Savannah, GA; Chris from Milwaukee, WI; Robert  in Florida; and Tony in NY


Here’s a pic of Matt’s pond and really cool filter…the one that’s losing a lot of water per day:


Here’s Mick’s video of his lovely paradisefish aquarium: http://youtu.be/h7q1i0DhVM0

Tony provided this link to a Pet Fish Talk Episode on guppies and mollies, in which hybridization of the two species is discussed.


Here’s a link to a photo of an alleged cross between a molly and a guppy. It does have some characteristics that one might expect to see in a cross of the two species:

Aquarimax Episode 121: Filtration, “Betta” than Expected, and Some Maintenance Tips

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss questions and comments from Juliette in Paris, France, Mick in Carnforth, UK, and Carlos in New York.

Check out Mick’s video of his Snowball shrimp female:


Here are Mick’s Kribs, with the babies tackling some really big worms!

Aquarimax Episode 40: Jumping Fish and a New Kind of Filter

Aquarimax Hosts Rus and Kelly discuss Brenna’s question on discouraging jumping fish, and talk about their forthcoming review of a new filter, the EverCleanAqua System. Check out videos of this filter in action on the resources page, and visit the website, evercleanaqua.com