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Aquarimax 257: Aquarium Podcast

Aquarimax on Aquariums! Join hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss aquarium-related comments and questions from Rachel in Baltimore, Maryland; Jeremiah in Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Matt in Perth, Western Australia.

Meet Rachel in Baltimore’s pet pearscale goldfish, Blinky:

Blinky the pearlscale

Rachel’s Pearlscale, Blinky

Here’s a link to the refugium Matt mentioned (he might be connecting it to his reef tank in the future)  http://www.eshopps.com/products/filters/refugium/cube/

Here is a thread discussing macroalgae and tangs eating it:


Aquarimax Episode 158: Bluebery Shrimp, Berried Shrimp, and Bic the Razorback Turtle

Join Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly as they discuss comments and questions from Scott in Texas, Juliette in Paris, France, and Mick in Carnforth, UK.

Check out Mick’s pics! (Click to enlarge)

Aquarimax Episode 39: One Good Spawn Deserves Another

Aquarimax hosts Rus and Kelly discuss emails from Jim and Robert from Michigan, as well as another unexpected spawn or two… I’ve put Robert’s pictures up on the resource page!

Click here to go to the resources page, including a photo of some of our CPDs.